People from New Jersey don’t have accents*

And Nebraska isn’t flat.  Just wanted to dispelled some common misconceptions.  Most of Nebraska that people see is along I-80, which is rather flat due to the Platte river.  A perfect place to put a highway, but certainly not representative of the entire state as my sore legs can attest to.  The hills aren’t as steep as Iowa though, so I’m not complaining.

I’m especially not complaining about Ben and Randy, my hosts for the night.  Randy cooked an awesome dinner, including fresh baked bread.  Ben renewed my interest in skydiving, which I know some of you reading this are also interested in.  When I get back lets do that. They also showed me around Blue Hill, which for a town with a little over 700 people has a suprisingly large downtown.  Overall we had some great conversations and a really good time.

Last couple days have been a little long, 88 and 75 miles, so tomorrow I’m only going to do about 45.  I’m going to pass through Red Cloud, home of Willa Cather, and my cousin’s namesake.  Since I will be seeing her when I get to California it seemed fitting.

*Before the linguists in the audience start leaving smartass comments, yes, I understand everyone has an accent of sorts, but a number of people have been suprised about my lack of a New Jersey accent.  I explain that there isn’t one unified accent, and no one from there says Joisey.

[Edit: Corrected Blue Hill’s population.]