5mi @ 8% + rain = :(


Wow, I think yesterday sucked even more than Friday.  I went over Boulder Mountain which included a 5 mile ride up an 8% grade.  Plus 10 more miles at 5-7% grades.  Did I mention it was raining and cold? I could barely feel my fingers.  It was so bad that after I got off the mountain (a bone-chilling ride, though it did help dry me out) that I couldn’t unbuckled my helmet with one hand.  I had to use both hands and kinda jam them into the buckle. It took about 30 seconds to finally get it off.

The ride today was much better.  Lots of downhill or very gradual uphills.  Only the ride to the entrance of Bryce Canyon NP was particularly steep.  I swear, its like my rides are Star Trek movies, or Windows releases. (Note for non-nerds.  Its generally accepted that every even numbered Trek movie is better than odd numbered ones.  Likewise Windows generally alternates good versions with bad.  See Windows XP vs Vista.)

I got in too late to see Bryce Canyon so I’m going to camp nearby and wake up early to see it via shuttle.  I would love to bike it, but I already have an 80 mile ride ahead of me tomorrow.