Middle(gate) of nowhere


This post comes to you from Middlegate Station, Nevada.  Originally a stop for stagecoaches and the Pony Express, its now a bar and motel.  Its also one of the few islands of civilization on the 110 mile stretch between the towns of Austin and Fallon.  A very friendly place, I’m currently relaxing and getting drunk on $1 draught beers.

In bicycling news yesterdays ride was no fun.  A nasty headwind meant that even on flat stretches I could only go about 10mph.  Add in a couple of passes, including one that I ended my day with, and it was one of my slowest days.  It must have been karma for stealing breakfast.

Remember the coffee shop I mentioned in my last post? Well I stopped in for breakfast, hung out for a couple hours, and then completely forgot to pay.  I’m going to send them a check once I get back, but I still feel bad, especially given how helpful and friendly the owner Margie was.

Today’s ride went much better.  No wind, and fairly easy passes.  I can’t wait till I can ride a whole day without seeing a sign that says “Blah Blah Summit, Elev. A billion ft.”  Its made worse by the fact that my map frequently leaves out passes, and usually the higher ones.  My last pass should be this weekend, so I shouldn’t have to wait long.