Mountains and rivers and foliage, oh my


I’m suffering from what I’ve dubbed Colca Canyon syndrome.  Located in Peru, Colca Canyon is the 2nd deepest canyon in the world.  While in Peru I did a tour of the canyon and the surrounding areas. As Rebecca Ming and Jon Sundy can attest to it is amazing.  So much so that every five feet is another breathtaking vista that you want to take a picture of.  You eventually realize the futility in attempting to capture the thrilling grandeur of it all and start taking pictures only every thirty feet.  The Rocky Mountains have been a similar experience.

First of all, Vail Pass was a piece of cake.  Short ride up, nice lunch, then a really long and fun coast down.  Overall the Rockies have been a big disappointment. The best kind of disappointment, where I think they’re gonna really suck but then it turns out they’re not so bad.  And the views have been amazing, resulting in the aforementioned syndrome.  It wouldn’t really be a problem except for the fact that for some reason I can only transfer a couple pictures from my camera to my Nook before it stops working and I have to turn my camera off and back on.  Its kinda a drag and makes me reluctant to go all Ansel Adams up in this bitch.  But its hard when the scenery is so good.

I stopped for the night at a little campground off Route 6 near Wolcott which ended up working out great.  There I met DJ Parrish who was very friendly and allowed me to stay at her campsite.  She also fed me and got me buzzed off pumpkin spice beer and tequila which might explain the rambliness of this post.  All I had to do was help her setup her tent.  We had a really fun time and I’m glad I could share her first night camping.  Apart from riding in circles due to a very poorly marked detour it was an excellent day.  I think I’ve used up all my synonyms for good, so thats it for now.

I also updated the stats page.