Battle for Lincoln



Its going to be a short post today. I’m trying to get some serious milage to make it to my aunt and uncle’s in Elizabeth, IL by tomorrow.  As you can tell by my short time in Indiana I’ve already been hauling ass. 

Looking at their “Welcome to…” signs I think that Indiana and Illinois should fight it out to determine who gets to claim Lincoln.  It could be a contest of studying by candlelight, or rail-splitting, or something like that.  The winner keeps their sign, the loser has to change theirs to “We don’t love Lincoln as much as [winner].”

I’d also like to apologize to the funeral procession I briefly led today.  In my mirror it just looked like a black car.  Then it turned and I realized it was a hearse…oops.

6 Responses to “Battle for Lincoln”

  1. Cohen says:

    Wow you made quick work of Indiana. You’re also missing the coming Haricanegeddon. So there’s that.

  2. Clubdel says:

    We are startin the pack up. Yikes!!! Enjoy the Land O Lincoln!!!!

  3. Dave's Dad says:

    Hauling Ass indeed. Looks like Jo is with us a while longer as his flight was cancelled. My rehearsals, too. Don’t know bout your Mom’s schedule yet. This thing is headed straight for us.

  4. Wallace says:

    Yo, when can we get a stat update?

  5. Dave's Dad says:

    You’re missing all the fun here. Glad you’re with Tom and Jane. Take a break! Get the bike in shape. Eat, drink. Rest.