Welcome to Nebraska, now with less hills (but still not flat)



I’m in Nebraska! Entering a new state is always exciting, especially when the states are as wide as they are out here.  My detours ended in Iowa, and it has been clear sailing so far in Nebraska.  First of all they have nice big and more importantly paved shoulders on the highways here, something in short supply in Iowa.  I’ve had a very warm welcome as well.  On Tuesday night I stayed with Bruce and Joan who couldn’t have been nicer.  Bruce even drove down the road to find me and make sure everything was ok.  I ate way more food than was necessary and they showed me around town.  I learned more about Lewis and Clark’s expedition plus the birth of Arbor Day, started in Nebraska City.  A short 50 mile ride brought me to the state capitol of Lincoln. There I met David and Martha who have also been great.  We talked a lot about biking and touring and David helped me plan out my route for Thursday.  That’s about it, less to write about when things go well other than to reiterate how generous the warmshowers.org members have been so far.  Thanks to any of you that read this!

7 Responses to “Welcome to Nebraska, now with less hills (but still not flat)”

  1. Lauren says:

    All these nice people! I’m starting to think that I may have to take back some of my earlier predictions. Time will tell, I suppose…

  2. Peter says:

    Hey dude check this out when you have nothing to read:


    It’s 2 guys. 2 bikes. 5 countries in Southeast Asia.

    This too:


    Anyways, keep on trucking.

    Your only friend,

  3. Jeff's Mom says:

    Love reading your posts. Keep up the good work. You’re meeting lots of nice people.

  4. J.Ong says:

    lol at the sign.

  5. Hey David, Gia and Tracy here, that would be the luck, RAIN! right after ya leave, saw it comen but what do ya do….. Ride on……! finally got to catch up with your blog, see you’ve made quite a few more miles. a relief to see you found your wallet. Good luck to you on the rest of your travels, hope you meet many more nice folks– you will–. stay safe always.

    • Gibbs says:

      The rain didn’t last too long, and its been clear every day since then. Thanks for checking in. Good to hear from you.