Sooooo close



This should be my penultimate post.  I’ve made it into California and over the Sierra Nevada’s. I think yesterday had more downhill than any other day of my trip.  I went from 8,500ft at the top of Carson Pass down to around 2,000ft.  Its been weeks since I was below 3,500ft and I finally got to enjoy the payoff on all those interminable climbs.

My host last night was a homeless guy named Wally.  I was getting ready to setup camp in a local park when he came by and warned me that the cops would make me leave, so he invited me to his campsite.  There we had dinner with his neighbors Johnny Rotten and Annette. He cooked some awesome burgers.  We stayed up pretty late and talked about his life and my travels.  In the morning he wouldn’t let me leave without giving me some snacks for my ride.  I’ve met a lot of people on my journey and the one thing they all have in common is incredible hospitality.

4 Responses to “Sooooo close”

  1. Short says:

    David I didn’t think you would ever make it this far. I’m glad we got to meet you and give you a rough time for one night on your trip. We have been keeping up with you on your trip so keep writing.

  2. J.Ong says:

    Congrats on arriving at California! It makes me feel good to know you’re meeting so many wonderful people out there.

  3. Dave's Dad says:

    Congratulations! Almost there.

  4. Jan Jerome says:

    Way to go, David!! It must be so gratifying to finally get through Nevada and descending at last. The Pacific coast is waiting for you!