An engine that runs on peanut butter and jelly?



Quick explanation of the above picture.  There is a great story about a cyclist in the Race Across America who due to sleep deprivation hallucinated that he was being chased by zombies.  When I looked up and saw that thing above in my mirror I thought I was being chased by an AT-AT from Star Wars, or maybe that thing from Tron.  Freaked me out for a couple seconds.

Anyway, apparently Ohio IS high in the middle, at least for a little bit.  You know that feeling when you’re on a rollercoaster and you see a huge incline that looks like it goes on forever?  Coming up on a big hill is like that except the feeling for me is generally “Oh dammit, not another one” combined with a general sense of reluctant acceptance of a fate you cannot change.  So far today has been all flat however.  While biking through Norwalk, OH I ran across a cycle shop where I picked up a new pair of gloves and adjusted my seat again.  Not sure if its actually helping or its just a placebo but I made almost 50 miles in 3 hours and felt better than I have been.

Yesterday I had my first cramps.  It happened a bit after lunch and while it could have been the aforementioned hills of dehydration I think it was what I ate. Which brings me to the answer to Sean’s question about how I fuel the engine that are my legs.

Breakfast usually is pretty light. I want to get on the road ASAP so I’ll eat a piece of fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, handful of crackers, etc.  Lunch is generally a sandwich. Sometimes I’ll stop and eat out.  In Tionesta, PA I stopped and had a burger, sweet potato fries, and ice cream.  I also get McDonalds, but thats going to a post all by itself.

My lunch for yesterday was a ham sandwich, half a container of supermarket macaroni salad, and of one those fruit pies. But filled with chocolate. Its no wonder obesity is a problem, its way too cheap and easy to put terrible fatty food into your body. The pie had 430 calories in it and I think between that and the salad my body rebelled against it, causing the cramps.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Dinner is the only meal I cook.  I’ve been experimenting with different foods, but its generally something high in carbs like pasta or rice.  Canned food that only needs to be heated works pretty well too.  Chef Boyardee worked well and I have a can of franks and beans.  Yum?  Also I love peanut butter and jelly.  I can’t expound the virtues of pb&j enough.  Its cheap, easy, and tasty.  Its often my ‘dessert’ and is my go-to food when I need to eat but don’t know what.

Finally there are my snacks.  Instead of those energy gels/goos/whatever I have a bottle of honey.  Its easy to eat while riding and keeps the calorie fire burning.  I also have a can of salted almonds, mostly for the electrolytes.  And that’s it.  I don’t keep careful track of the food I eat, but make sure to eat throughout the day, and eat way more than I would at home.

6 Responses to “An engine that runs on peanut butter and jelly?”

  1. mesaya mac says:

    to be honest..i wanna see it in the front 😉

  2. Clubdel says:

    Isit a fertilizer spreader of some kind?

    • Gibbs says:

      No idea, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to go around me or over me. I think either would have worked.

  3. Samantha says:

    Hey, Gibbs! Just wanted to say that I’m obsessed with your blog: so inspiring! I’m currently sitting in my cubicle also enjoying a pb&j… Similarities end there, sadly.

  4. Pamela Winfrey says:

    Hi David, wow, you are actually doing this! So cool! Have you planned your route yet? It would be interesting to see if we could find you some home cooked meals along the way. Stay well, xoxo,Pam

    • Gibbs says:

      Ha, didn’t even see this before I posted today. Some home cooked meals would be awesome though as my recent post explains coordination could be tricky.