Now the journey really begins


I left Scranton, PA this morning and am currently sitting outside a McDonald’s in Tunkhannock.  Thanks to Jon and Suzanne for feeding me and letting me crash.  As the title of this post says now it really begins. I don’t have plans to stay with anyone until Illinois, which is kinda far away.  No more friends to feed me and give me a bed, just me and the open road.  Its freaking me out a bit.

I’m not sure which I dislike more, rain or hills.  Yesterday was my first rain free day which I celebrated by getting the wierdest sunburn ever.  A farmers tan, if that farmer wore gloves all the time.  And he wore short-shorts but also kept the sun on his left the entire day.  Also a day filled with lots and lots of hills.  Anyone who thinks the Poconos are nice obviously never biked there.  I also learned that Scranton is in a valley.  One I spent more than an hour trying to get out of this morning. 

Should be fairly level for the rest of today however. [See below.] I’m taking Route 6 through PA and this part follows along a river.  Still not sure where I’m camping tonight, so that should be interesting. That’s it for now, I hope to have more tales of misadventure soon.

Almost forgot, I took a video of riding in the rain which you can find here: Riding in the rain.

[Edit: The YouTube link should be working now. Also I was very wrong about it being flat. It wasn’t.]

2 Responses to “Now the journey really begins”

  1. mesaya mac says:

    I followed the link for your video, but it lead me to Booty Dance in Public video on
    hope you enjoy the scenery 😉

  2. J.Ong says:

    Riding in the rain is miserable! Hope you don’t get sick. I’m loving this blog, btw.