The 4-H of suck



Rough day today.  Everytime I have a good like yesterday I get a day like today where its a slog the entire day.  The first problem was Heat.  Not sure if you can see in the picture but that sign says 97°.  And that was at 7pm.  Normally the heat doesn’t bother me too much but today it made its presence known.  If anything just because I had to refill my water about 4 times.  I drank about 12 liters of water today.

The second problem was Hills.  Southern Iowa is much hillier than I expected.  Its not PA, these are rolling hills.  Whatever that means, I certainly don’t do much rolling on them.

Next up is wHind.  Damn you wind!  You might think it would help counter the heat, but you’d be wrong.

The final problem was wHere the hell am I.  While making it to my final destination I got crazy lost.  First Google Maps tried to take me down a gravel road for about 10 miles.  Then my GPS died.  I finally found an open wireless connection and got everything sorted out, but it got very frustrating after riding 120 miles.

I realize those last two H’s are a stretch but I’m tired, so deal. See above mileage.

There is however a happy ending.  When I finally did make it to my destination I was greeted by a tent already set up, a glass of lemonade, a shower, and a huge plate of delicious pasta.  The reason for this were my hosts Todd and Dana of Ottumwa, IA.  I met Todd on previously mentioned and he agreed to let me stay tonight.  Little did I know all that would await me.  It was the best way to end a tough day, so a big thank you to Todd and Dana!

[Note: The picture was taken by Colton of Parkwood, IA.  Population 223.  He was about 10 and we had quite the discussion about bicycling.  He asked if I knew his friend McKenzie from New Jersey.  I told him I didn’t, especially when he identified the town she was from as ‘New Jersey.’]

8 Responses to “The 4-H of suck”

  1. Dave's Dad says:

    120 in the wHeat is pretty good mileage. And on great hosts. Ottumwa is a nice, friendly little town. I used to stay there often.

  2. Dave's Dad says:

    Also, where’d the cool map go?

    • Gibbs says:

      I’ve added a link to the map at the top, won’t be updated anytime soon though. It was hard enough putting together on the computer, not going to try on my tablet.

      • Steve Cernak says:

        What’s gathering your coordinates? I can ask the construction guys how/what they’d use

        • Steve Cernak says:

          er, meant to ask: what’s compiling/collecting the coordinates? Do they transmit directly from the Garmin nüvi 260 to your tablet?

          • Gibbs says:

            Lol, I wish. Nope, just went through the map picking points. Its not super accurate, but its a general idea.

  3. Clubdel says:

    Are you going thru Souix City? Morehead? Onawa? Primgar? Wave to my ancestors!!!!

  4. Clubdel says:

    I found the map!!!! How cool is that?