El fin.



67 days, over 4,000 miles, 117 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I can now say I biked across the United States of America and it won’t be a lie.  I started my journey at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ on August 13th.  It was summer and rained for two days straight.  I got a flat before I had gone 50 miles.  Despite that I made it out of New Jersey and across Penn “what does flat mean” sylvania.  I blitzed through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois as fast as I could before I finally slowed down in Iowa.  I also started meeting incredibly friendly strangers who helped me along my way. Corn gave way to cattle as Iowa became Nebraska and then Colorado.  The Rockies proved to be fairly easy, but the next two states made up for it.  Utah was one of my hardest states, but also one of the most beautiful.  In Nevada I developed a love/hate relationship with Summit signs.  And California was a welcome return to warm weather. 

Today, Tuesday October 18, my journey ended at Limantour Beach in Point Reyes, CA just around sunset.  Not that you can tell from my picture due to the heavy fog.  It was exciting to finish, but I don’t think I’ve completely processed what it is I just did.  Looking back its hard to imagine that all those miles, each one difficult in its own way, added up to take me here.  Part of me is saying “holy crap, I can’t believe I just bike across the country, on a bicycle!”  But another part of me is going “ok, that was fun, what’s next?” 

I’d like to thank everyone who enjoyed the blog: friends, family, and people I don’t know but somehow found their way here. I’d especially like to thank everyone who let me be their guest: Greg, Christine, Dick, Polly, Jon, Suzanne, Tom, Jane, Todd, Dana, Tracey, Gia, Short, Deb, Bruce, Joan, David, Marsha, Ben, Randy, Lois, Mark, Jan, Keith, Rosa, Terri Ann, Lyman, Lynn, Jodie, Wally, Scott, Pam, and anyone I might have accidentally left out.  People were always suprised that I was riding by myself, but you all made sure I wasn’t lonely.

This will be the last official blog post.  I’ll probably do one more followup once I get home in a couple weeks, update the map and stats page, upload more photos, etc.  Thanks for sharing my journey with me.  I’ll be back for gibbsonabike.com Part II: Eurotrip.

32 Responses to “El fin.”

  1. GregG says:

    GRATS DAVE! You’re my freaking hero!!! Your blog has been a blast to read through! Can’t wait until you come home and we get to hear all your stories!

    • shawn dehne says:

      Congratulations David – hate to see your blog stop…..:( – maybe you should post more after you process what you have done – for all of us out here who have lived vicariously thru u – continued safe travels to you !!

  2. Carlos says:

    Congratulations brother! A job well done. See you soon.

  3. Uncle T says:

    Congratulations!! What a great adventure and thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    You are welcome back any time under any means of transportation.

  4. Dave's Dad says:

    Congratulations. Eurotrip?

  5. Jeanne Gibbs says:

    Bravo, Turkey, bravo. You are infinitely impressive.

  6. mesaya mac says:

    Congratulation DAVID!!!!

  7. D&P&ROXY says:

    Congratz Mr Boy!!!! What a fab thing to have done.! See ya soon!

  8. Staples says:

    Congrats! This is surely one of the most awesome things I’ve seen someone I know personally do. Can’t wait to hear the stories when you get back east.

  9. Meagan says:

    Congratulations Gibbs!!!! I’d tell you you’re amazing, but you know my policy on feeding your ego. 🙂

    I’m so proud of you!

  10. Dave's Dad says:

    Now, on to LA!

  11. Peter says:

    bout time… 😛

  12. Sean says:

    Achievement unlocked! Congratulations brotha!

  13. Cohen says:


    Awesome acomplishment. I owe you a beer.

  14. Steve C says:

    good for you!!

  15. Omar says:

    Congratulations David. Next time you are in Denver, stop in for a supper.

  16. Mia says:

    Congratulations! What an excellent photo! Who took the shot for you?

    • Gibbs says:

      I did with the help of a tiny tripod and a 10 second delay. A technique I’ve had a lot of practice with over the last couple months.

  17. todd from ottumwa says:

    quite amazing. have enjoyed following your travels…thanks for sharing your stories…hope you enjoy the PCH on your way south ~~ trw

  18. Short says:

    Congratulations If your ever back in Iowa we’ll be glad to feed you and maybe find you a beer or two

  19. Mark & Jan says:

    David, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You are an inspiration to us all. What a stud!

  20. Blue Hill Ben says:

    Congratulations, David. Great photo.

  21. Mom says:

    Your mother prouder than ever!See you soon!

  22. J.Ong says:

    Awesome job, Gibbs! Big congratulations! Your blog is the best one I’ve ever read. hehe I’m so inspired to have an epic adventure like this! Looking forward to seeing you back in NJ!

  23. Jeff's Mom says:

    Congrats, Dave! The paella and sangria will be ready when you are.

  24. Lauren says:

    Fantastic job on the pics. Great job on the posts. Adequate job on the trip. 🙂

  25. Uncle Buck says:

    Quite an accomplishment.
    I look forward to your Euro/S.
    America/Antarctica(?)/Trans Siberian Trips…

  26. mark metcalf says:

    David – Way to go! You could go north to south, Barrow to Cape Horn. Do whatever you have to do to keep blogging. We need more of your intelligent, funny perspective in the ether.

  27. John Demirdjian says:


    I just came back to see how your trek accross the farlands were going and I see that you finished in October!

    Words cannot express just how proud of you I am and wish you nothing but happiness and most of all a CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY!

    YOURE MY BOY BLUE!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations again buddy, I’m looking forward to a book or movie based on this to look forward to. 🙂


  28. Arto says:

    Congrats man!!!! Awww YEAH!

    • John says:

      AW AW AW YEAA!!!!!

      Brought to you in part by AWS Inappropriate Fridays™

      CONGRATS AGAIN BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!