Out of the wild


I arrived in Carson City today, capitol of Nevada.  Ever since I got into Fallon yesterday the loneliest road in America hasn’t been nearly that lonely.  Way more traffic than I’m used to seeing, and I actually passed through some suburbs.  I think I’m finally back to civilization existing more than every 60 miles.  Which is nice, though it was really easy knowing exactly which way I was going.  West on Route 50.  My map was mostly a reminder of him much farther I had to go.  Now I have to go back to figuring out what roads to take.

That’s helped by the following the Western Express cycling route.  Its also helped by Jody, my host for tonight.  She has biked across the country 3 times, and gave me some advice for getting over the Sierra Nevada’s, my final mountain range (I think.)  Very friendly, she had a lot of great stories about her trips.  Her fiance, Adrian, is in IT so we also talked a little shop, but talked more about winter camping and outdoorsiness in general.  A fun evening, and they even got me a Halloween cupcake.  Less than a week to go!

2 Responses to “Out of the wild”

  1. Uncle Scott says:

    hi David,

    if you are still headed in our direction you may want to consider heading west on California 128 at Winters. I don’t know how the biking is, but there is nothing special about the stretch from Vacaville to Vallejo or over 37.

    The Coast Range will seem small to you by now and you could do Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, to Limantour Beach to get your ocean beach shot.

    Anyway, if you get off the Western Express route consult the biking community since some of our state highways don’t have a lot of room between the car lane and a precipitous drop.

  2. J.Ong says:

    She’s biked across the country three times?! WOW.