Iowa, here I come



Gibbs is back on a bike!  My aunt dropped me off this morning at Savanna, IL and I spent the day riding along the mighty Missippi River which has a great bike trail (with a slight detour, they don’t always make the signs easy to follow.)  I’m currently in Rock Island about to cross the river into Iowa and make my way to Wildcat Den State Park.  From there I head west across Iowa, hopefully meeting some interesting people along the way.

It feels good to be back on the road, though it was pretty nice being able to lounge about for a couple days.  Well I’ll get another break in a couple weeks.  For now, its CO or bust.

4 Responses to “Iowa, here I come”

  1. Mom says:

    You have missed a lot of excitement at home. We didn’t take much water–only the upstairs bathroom leaked, but there were power outages and flooding nearby. On Monday morning there were No trains so I took the bus. There were less than 20 people on the bus since there was no electricity in Westfield and the lights were all off so the bus could not get to North Avenue until Cranford. Then on the way home, there were trees down on Midway so the X bus ended up on North Avenue dropping me much closer to home than usual. So my travel karma has been remarkably good this week. Sharing your blog with more folks and you have inspired your sister to write of her adventures as well.


  2. Toni Cummins says:

    Hi…am a college friend of your mom’s and live in Spokane WA. If you’re coming this far north and would like another way station on your journey, know that you are very welcome here. – maintain good karma (and weather) – safe adventuring. Toni

  3. Dave's Dad says:

    Just back from the AT. Had the place to myself both days. Check out Jeanne’s emails from Spain. Impressive.