Sunsets, stats, and stuff


I’m taking the day off to rest and recover and don’t feel like writing much, so enjoy a pretty sunset.

I have updated the Stats page and added an Equipment page.  I’m also going to work on getting a map of my route so far, hopefully I can have that up for tomorrow.  At the very least I’ll have a video that goes all the way across the sky.

2 Responses to “Sunsets, stats, and stuff”

  1. J.Ong says:

    Beautiful pic, Gibbs! Sam and I finally started training today. We rode to South Mountain Reservation, about a 22mi ride total. Lots of hills and my legs felt like jello when I got home. Seriously need to get more miles in!

  2. Dave's Dad says:

    Gibbs! We need a blog! Your sib has gone off to Spain, arrived safely, etc. But no word from IL. You got a route across IA yet? I think US 6 is interstate all the way across.