Dammit REI!


Damn your garage sales and your great bargains.

For those that don’t know REI is an outdoor retailer that allows you to return anything that you ever bought there. Forever. Seriously. Then every so often they have a “garage sale” where they sell all the returned stuff for pretty damn cheap.

As I mentioned in my last post I went to the REI to see if there was anything I needed to prepare for the upcoming mountains/desert. Unfortunately for my wallet they were in the middle of a garage sale. While I did find some things that I legitimately needed, I found a whole lot more stuff that I probably didn’t. Such as the Vibram KSO Trek’s (more toe shoes!) that I’ve been wanting to get for a while, or an air mattress that’s normally $80. The Camelback I actually might need when crossing the desert because there are some stretches where I’ll be 80-100 miles between towns. But the Timbuk2 bag and the fleece lined stuff sack? That’s just cause I wanted it.

I know this post sounds like a commercial for REI. While I really like REI, what it really is is an explainabrag about the awesome kinda-new gear I got for really cheap. And if you don’t know what an explainabrag is then you really need to watch Community.

6 Responses to “Dammit REI!”

  1. Lauren says:

    Four days, dude. Four more days.

    also, cool gear. (freaky shoes not included)

  2. Guess again says:

    Desert? You’re taking the southern route?

  3. D&P&Roxy says:

    What lovely acquisisien theropy you had!!!!!

  4. Dave's Dad says:

    Really? $xx.83 for every item? .83? Damn that REI.

  5. Dave's Dad says:

    The Great Basin. Yes, dry, barren, lumpy. Land of the Ute Indians called Diggers. Twain rode across it in stage coach and had nothing good to say about it. Dick used to drive it when he was at UC-Davis. Gibbs is in for a serious challenge. Can we look for more song parodies?