Rest and recovery 2.0


I made it to the Denver area yesterday.  I biked to my Uncle Mark and Aunt Jan’s house, and then Mark drove me to my grandmother’s apartment.  She cooked a huge dinner, steak plus lasagna, and I ate everything in sight.  Again.  I’ll be here until at least Monday, which will give me time to rest up and plan how the hell I’m going to cross the Rockies.

Its getting to be a little late in the year for crossing the mountains as they’re starting to see snow up there.  I might have to either buy some heavier duty gear(and have an excuse to go to a giant REI), or avoid the really high parts by riding a couple days north or south.  But that’s for Future Gibbs to worry about.  I’m going to spend some time with my family and deal with it tomorrow.

One Response to “Rest and recovery 2.0”

  1. Dave's Dad says:

    Check the routes of the 19th century RRs, which relied on the old wagon train routes to Oregon or the gold fields of California. D&RGW across to Salt Lake. Southern Pacific across the Gadsden Purchase to Yuma. Up to Cheyenne then up South Pass.